Вставки из нержавеющей стали CNMG


Предмет номер.:CNMG120404/ CNMG120408/ CNMG120412

Покрытие: ПВД-покрытие

Приложение: Токарный станок с ЧПУ

Состав: Индексируемый токарный инструмент

Материал: Цементированный карбид

Особенность: Высокопроизводительная резка

Место происхождения: Хунань, Китай

Индивидуальная поддержка: OEM


CNMG Carbide Inserts


          image.png                     image.png     
CNMG120404-MA12.90 12.70 4.76 5.16 0.40 
CNMG120408-MA12.90 12.70 4.76 5.16 0.80 
CNMG120412-MA12.90 12.70 4.76 5.16 1.20 
CNMG160608-MA16.10 15.875 6.35 6.35 0.80 
CNMG160612-MA16.10 15.875 6.35 6.35 1.20 
CNMG190612-MA19.30 19.05 6.35 7.94 1.20 
CNMG190616-MA19.30 19.05 6.35 7.94 1.60 
CNMG190624-MA19.30 19.05 6.35 7.94 2.40 

PVD Coated Cemented Carbide

YP30152-4um TiALN PVDcoated, combinating with fine particles' substrates with high-toughness, suitabe for all materials, high-temperature alloy Ti alloy in finishing,semi-finishing
YP30252-4um TiALN PVDcoated, combinating with ultra fine particles'substrates with high-toughness, suitabe for all materials, stainless steel steel cast alloy in finishing, semi-finishing
YP3035PVD coated, combinating with high-resistant substrates, suitable for all materials in roughing, semi-finishing
YP33302-4um TiALN +TiN PVDcoated, combinating with fine particles'substrates with high-toughness, suitabe for all materials, high-temperature alloy Ti alloy in finishing, semi-finishing
YP31252-4um ALCr+ALCrSiN PVDcoated,combinating with ultra fine particles'substrates with high-toughness,suitabe for all materials, stainless steel steel cast alloy in finishing,semi-finishing

Packing & Delivery

Our Services

✔ Pre-sales Service: 24hours online by WhatsApp/ Wechat
✔ Sales Service: Professional sales quotation and precision price for you
✔ After-sales Service: 1-3 days by the delivery time as usual
✔ Technical Support: 20 years engineer in the CNC area


Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer
A1: We are a manufacturer of carbide inserts. Our factory located in Zhuzhou  City, Hunan Province. Welcome to visit our factory!
Q2: What is your minimum order requirement?
A2: OEM and customization are available. we accept the small trial order, big order will get a big discount. and try our best to service our customers.
Q3: What is the delivery time for production?
A3: We usually prepare rich stock for delivery upon payment, 30-35 days for items without stock.
Q4: Can you make Non-Standard items?
A4: We are specialized in inserts R&D, welcome specical items .
Q5: What about the package?
A5: We use plastic boxes to pack our products, and filled plastic is shockproof and transported in cartons. also It can make as you need and depend on the shapes of the product.


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